Worksnaps Client Download

Download the client software for tracking time

Worksnaps Client is a program that runs on the end user's system that tracks time and captures activities.
Please use the below links to download the Worksnaps Client.

Client Download | Win7/Win8/Win10

  Download here


Client Download | Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSuse

For Ubuntu, Redhat, Mint
  Download here

Installation Instruction

For Other types of Linux distribution
  Download here

Installation Instruction

Client Download | OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or above
OS X 10.9 or above

For OSX 10.x (10.9 or above), OSX 11.x, OSX 12.x, OSX 13.x, OSX 14.x
  Download here
Installation Instruction

Frequently Asked Questions

For Windows, just download the installation package from the above link. Launch it and follow the easy installation wizard to install it. It should take less than 1 minute to get the program installed.
For Linux, download the installation package and follow this instruction after the download.
For MAC, download the installation package and follow this instruction after the download.
Yes, your Worksnaps Client needs an account to log onto the system. You can obtain an account by registering or being invited by another user into a project (in which case you will receive an invitation email).
On Windows, after the installation of the Worksnaps Client, you will see it in your Programs menu. Just select and click on the program and Worksnaps Client will be launched.
On Linux, execute the command "" under the "bin" directory.
On MAC, you will see Worksnaps Client in your Applications folder, just click to launch it.
You can look at your task tray (normally the bottom right of your screen). If you see the Worksnaps icon, you know that Worksnaps Client is running.
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